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Brandkit® Credits are the people or organisations you want to credit for specific content assets. These might include photographers, talent, authors, vendors, or partners. Giving credit or attribution is often a bit loosey goosey. We’ve tightened things up and made Credits more powerful and useful, with a dedicated database and landing pages for assets attributed to a particular person or organisation.

Example of Credit search page for Visit Scotland

How it works

(1) Set-up Credit contacts

You can setup any number of Credits (people or organisations). You can include basic contact details and a bio, including basic html. So you could include a link to the Credit's website for example.

(2) Select who to Credit

As part of your classification/publishing process, select a Credit for any applicable Assets from a drop-down list of Credits that you've setup. This will add a link to a special search page for all the Assets attributed to the Credit.

(3) Show Credit info

Once Assets are credited, we'll automatically add the Credit information, and display whenever a user Views, Requests, Downloads, Shares credited Assets. Plus we'll display a link to a dedicated Credit landing page, that lists all the Assets attributed to that Credit. Nice.

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