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Before Brandkit®

48/hours per mth per marketer wasted*

  • Can't find files
  • Don't know legal position
  • Hard to share
  • Waste time on requests

* Approximate cost in lost hours based on research where marketing staff spend on average 11 hours per week searching for files, plus 15 mins responding to each 3rd party request for a file.

[1] Usage means combined storage space and traffic (Uploads, Downloads and CDN traffic) measured in GB. For example 50GB of file storage plus 15GB of downloads plus 10GB of CDN traffic (views of Asset Previews) = a total of 75GB of Usage. [2] Asset means any item added to your Brandkit account, an (uploaded file, a post, a syndicated asset from another account, or a link asset, etc), as a searchable asset. All plans are subject to our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Fair Use Policy, and are nett of any federal, state or local tax, GST or VAT

Custom Portal Design.

With Custom Portal Design, the Brandkit team will setup a design project for you, apply your corporate style and branding (often based on your primary corporate website), or a design submitted from your design team, or agency. The onboarding fee will typically cover this (Pro and Ent plans). In some cases additional work will be required depending on the complexity of your design, or setup requirements. In those cases we'll quote once we've received those requirements from you.

Learn more about Custom Design

Pricing FAQs

Q: Can I get a free trial?

A: Yes you can get a free trial. You can contact us to request a free trial. Once we qualify you, we'll set you up with a free trial. This free trial runs for 14 days, but can be extended as long as you need to make a decision. Just contact us to ask for an extension.

Q: Can I change my plan?

A: Absolutely. You can change your Plan, add or remove optional Plan Upgrades, Or do more design customization, at any time. If you make a change, well adjust the your invoice to account for the change from the next invoice date for monthly subscriptions, or we'll send an adjustment invoice for annual subscriptions at out next invoicing cycle (typically at the end of each calendar month). To make a change, contact us

Q: What is Usage?

A: Usage is a combination of Storage and Traffic used in any given period. Storage is the amount of disk space occupied by your Assets at the end of the period. Traffic is a total of Asset Uploads, Requests, Views and Downloads measured in GB. For example - let's say that an Asset of 20MB (a common size for a high res image) is downloaded 6 times in a month (we count that as 120MB or 0.12GB of Traffic). The Asset occupied 20mb pof storage space. So the total Usage for that Asset will be 140mb or 1.4GB (i.e. Storage plus Traffic) for the month.

Q: What happens if I use up my included Usage on my plan?

A: We'll charge you the overage rate for your plan for each GB over your current plan's Included Usage, unless you elect to upgrade to a larger Usage Tier. You can upgrade to a larger Usage Tier at anytime, by contacting us. For example, if you are on the 100GB Usage Tier, and you use 120GB, we'll invoice you $20 for the overage (20GB x $1). Or if on the same plan (with 100GB Usage) you are using 30GB of your storage, but have traffic of 90GB, we'll charge you $20 for the overage (20GB x $1).

Q: What's the difference between Annual and Monthly Plans?

A: Annual Plans are billed at the start of each annual period for 12 months in advance. In contrast Monthly Plans are billed at the start of each monthly period in advance. In both cases, the invoice is dated on whichever day the paid plan starts, and repeats every 12 months (annual) or every calendar month (monthly) until canceled. Overages are billed monthly. Depending on the plan selected, a discount may be available for an Annual Plan.

Q: Can I cancel my account?

A: Of course, you can cancel your account at anytime whether an Annual or Monthly subscription.

Note the following, when you cancel.
Termination Date: When you cancel, the termination date will be the date your next invoice is due. That means when you cancel you can choose to use up any paid subscription period and the account will be closed on the termination date, or you can choose to close the account immediately. e.g. If we invoice you on the 5th of the month, your termination date will be the next 5th of the month, or if we invoice you on the 1st January 2022 , and you cancel in June, the termination date will be 1st January 2023.

Monthly Subscriptions: Monthly subscriptions are invoiced in advance (in most cases), and so when you cancel your account, you won't see another invoice from us (unless there are overages), nor will we issue a credit for the period between the date you cancel and the termination date. If your superscription is invoiced in-arrears, we will send a final subscription invoice for the period, from the last invoice date to the termination date.

Annual Subscription: Annual Subscriptions are paid in advance, and so you won't see another invoice from us, nor will we issue a credit for the period period between the date you cancel and the termination date, unless you cancel within the first 3 months of any annual period, in which case we'll refund 50% of any prepaid annual subscription.
30 Day Money Back Guarantee: If you cancel your account within the first 30 days (for any reason whatsoever), we'll refund you any paid subscription entirely, excluding any invoiced or paid setup or design fees.

Overages: Irrespective of whether you are on a Monthly or Annual Subscription, any Usage Overage, due for any period, prior to the termination date, will be charged in retrospect on the termination date.

What happens to your content after cancellation: Your account will be made inactive on the termination date, or earlier if you request the account is closed earlier. Once the account has been made inactive, we will jeep your data and files securely stored for 30 days, before permanently deleting them.

Q: Are Unlimited Users really Unlimited?

A: Yes indeed. We realize many of our Customers, have a lot users who only visit once or twice, at best occasionally - making per-user pricing an expensive option. Instead of charging for users, we charge based on Usage (Assets stored and Assets Uploaded, Downloaded, Shared, etc) irrespective of the number of users. The exception being the Team plan, which has per user seat pricing, and is designed for customers who just want an account accessile by a small number of users.

Q: How do I work out my likely Usage?

A: It's easy to work out how much storage you need, by looking at your the files you want to manage in the DAM (high res versions only) and how much space those files occupy on your computer or on your network storage devices, and in online storage services like Dropbox, etc, and adding up the storage space those files are using.

Traffic is harder to predict, as traffic tends to fluctuate month to month. Most customers can get by with a 1:1 ratio of storage to traffic. However Traffic will be a higher in some circumstances.

Traffic is driven by a few factors:
- Number of Users
- Popularity of your Brand/Content
- How many Videos you have
- Whether you are using the Embed feature (where every view counts towards CDN traffic)

If you have have a lot of users, or your content is popular, or you have many videos (which are relatively large), or are using the Embed feature, then it's likely your Traffic will be higher (greater than a 1:1 ratio).

In this case you should consider a larger Usage plan (even if you don't need the Storage), because you'll need the Traffic. This will save you approx 50% of any overage costs should they occur.

One strategy is to start small, pay the overage costs, and see how it goes, and then upgrade later.

Q. Can I get a discount for high volume storage or usage?

A: Yes, ask us about discounted rates for higher committed Usage (storage and traffic).

Q. Do you offer Not For Profit discounts?

A: Yes, ask us about discounted rates for registered charities.

Q. What does the Onboarding Fee cover and what does it typically cost?

A: The Onboarding Fee covers: account setup and configuration, branding your Portal, a custom domain name, custom design and/or coding of that design, orientation and training for account admins, and in some cases migration of content assets from legacy systems. Fees vary from $1000 to $tens of thousands, depending on each customers requirements which vary widely. We will discuss ballpark costs in a demo call, and will quote once we have detailed requirements. The onboarding service and fee is optional for Team Plan customers (because they can typically get started without us).

Q: Is A DAM like Brandkit® it worth it?, what sort of ROI will I get?

A: Most customers will save hundreds, if not thousands of hours over a year. Learn more about Brandkit's Return On Investment here.

Q: My question is not answered here, where can I get additional help?

A: Please contact us and we'll happily answer any questions.

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