Brandkit 2
We went back to the drawing board with a complete rewrite

Say hello to the simpler, faster, better way to find, manage and share your brand content.


5-10x faster

Brandkit 2 has been rebuilt from scratch on the ErlangVM/Elixir and Phoenix stack, providing amazing thread safe performance. Page load speeds are typically 5x to 10x faster. For example after testing on Chrome using Lighthouse, we're seeing Asset Detail page load speeds of 0.7sec vs 5.4s in the BK1.

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We applied 7 years of learning, and removed unecessary options, and code. We've managed to reduce te lines of code in our software by more than 50%. Less code means we have less bugs, more speed, more reliability, and we can add features more easily.


We pared back design elements to reduce the noise, with a more minamalist UI (less is better), a rethought UX, and a new base theme, your Brandkit portal looks better than ever out of the box.

Multiple Portals

New in Brandkit 2 is the ability to create multiple portals, each with a unique URL and theme, served by a single DAM/Asset library. Now you can create personalised content experiences for consumers, staff, the trade, media, etc all in one place.


Vaults (new in Brandkit 2) are used to ensure only the right users get access to the right content. Vaults mean that now for example you can configure a User Role that can selef-serve download assets from one vault, while having to Request assets from another.

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Search 2.0

Search is not only faster in Brandkit 2, multi-faceted search is now more accurate and explicit. When searching we'll auto-suggest metadata variables (such as Orientation:Landscape) as well as tags (such as tag:Landscape). Search Filters now also support OR combinations in a single filter (e.g. type:Image,Video means find assets of type Image OR Video).


We've added the ability to mix file based assets with text based assets (e.g. blog posts, press releases), and Link assets (e.g. a visual link to a social media post), so you can truly manage every piece of brand content in one place.

2-way Syndication

We've overhauled Asset Sydication so you can now syndicate assets out to partners, AND receive syndicated assets from partners, at the same time. You can also now curate a received feed of assets and only publish the ones you want.

Native Integrations

In Brandkit 2 , you can ingest all your images fropm a connected Google Drive acccount. Later you'll be able to bring Instagram posts into your Asset grids and Embeds. With additional native integration added in the future.

Embeds 2.0

Embeds now provide several size options and responsive code for image embeds. Embeddable Galleries will supporrt both Owned Assets and linked UGC. Plus views of Embedded assets will now be tracked and reported back in Brandkit, giving you better insights as to what Assets are performaing best.

CMS Access

Customers now have direct access to the CMS to create, manage and edit Portal pages, meaning you can enage your preferred web designer to customise your portals, whether on staff, external agency or the Brandkit support team. It's up to you.

Design Themes

Brandkit 2, delivers a whole new theme system, giving customers complete control over your Portal design, right down to layouts and your preferrd grid. You can choose one of opur standard themes, or develop your own or even multiple themes if you so desire.


Powerful and flexible access permissions is fantastic, but things can get complex. Role Masquerading, new in Brandkit 2, makes it much easier to see what each Role see's, giving you confidence in your configurations.

Posts as Assets

Posts are now Assets. They are essentially text based documents that you write natively in Brandkit. Think articles, press releases, blog posts, approved brand copy, story ideas.

Posts can be created, edited, shared, and even downloaded (as .html files). What's more, you can easily embed imags inside your new text assets, with a simple look-up.

B2C friendly

Brandkit has traditionally been about serving B2B/Trade users, and that continues to be a core focus, but two new view options (Masonry Grid and Timeline) in Brandkit 2 portals, mean that you can configure your Portals to suit public content consumption experiences.

Combine this with new more flexible CTA links to drive B2C conversions (e.g Link an asset to your booking or ecommerce page)

Guidelines 2.0

We've overhauled how we manage Brands and Brand Guidelines for more power and flexibility. You can now build any custom brand page you want via the CMS and then use our smart widgets to include a grid of Brand Assets.

Brand Guidelines are now just like other Assets and support versioning. Then use the newly upgraded Attachments feature to explicitly attach brand guidelines to specific assets, like logos and design files, and these will be auto attached at download time.

Attachments 2.0

We've ditched the old idea of attachments uploaded as auxialliary files.

Attachments are Assets in their own right, and independently searchable, downloadable, etc.

Attachmemnts are explicity selected by Admins, and then auto-attach to downloads of the parent Asset.

We re-designed Attachments with Brand Guidelines in mind, but they can work with any other type of attachment too (e.g. Contracts, Talent signoffs, etc).

Passwordless login

Fed up with too many passwords. Us too!

While we have the usual email/password combinations, sso with Google and Micosoft credentials, we now also offer a passwordless option, where we send you a special login link to your registered email address. Click the link and you're logged in.

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