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Branding can be complex, especially for publicly owned brands. So Brandkit provides a suite of tools to collaborate with partners, suppliers and stakeholders.

Traditionally brand narratives were created by marketing teams at brand HQ, often working with an Ad Agency, or consultants.

Today, whilst this is still partly the case, modern brands need to be engaging with stakeholders, partners and customers to create an authentic narrative, and supporting content assets. It's now often a process of curation rather than creation.

Getting everyone on the same page, pushing in the same direction, telling the same story, is always a challenge - but it's especially important for publicly owned brands (e.g. destination brands, place brands).

Brandkit® makes that collaboration easier than ever, with tools to give your storytellers inside and outside brand headquarters self-service access to approved content; plus gives stakeholders and partners a route to participate in the narrative, by contributing their own ideas and content to the brand story.


How it works

(1) Invite people to join your Brandkit to engage with the exisiting brand story and content.

(2) Invite contributors to upload content via an upload form.

(3) Invite contributors to syndicate content into the brand, via an autonomous Brandkit of their own.

(4) Syndicate brand content out to stakeholder, partner and customer owned automomous Brandkits.

(5) Invite staff, stakeholders, partners, resellers, customers and journalists to share the collective brand storytelling duties, by giving them access to approved content.

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