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A powerful back end for your photo/visuals library

Image Management software. Image Library Software. Photo Library Software, Media Library Software, Video Library Software. Visual Library Software. Media Centre Software, Digital Asset Management Photography Software. Whatever you call it, with Brandkit® you can easily find, manage and distribute your images, photography and video, at scale.

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Screenshot of an image search from the Tasmanian Partner Toolkit powered by Brandkit

Find, not search
Photo library software with predictive search and visual results

More than search, Brandkit helps you find your images, photography and video.

No matter how many images in your image library, find what you need in milliseconds. Enter a few search characters and Brandkit will automatically suggest a list of matching keyword tags and display the results, in a visual results grid. Or ignore the suggestions, keep typing and we'll do a full text search.

Then refine your search with related tags and handy filters.

Screenshot showing type ahead predictive search

Save time with Automation

Intelligent photo library software, that helps you get organized easier and faster with automated tagging and batch editing

Brandkit's intelligent Image Library Software is smart enough to automatically tag images for you on ingestion using proprietary logic and a sprinkling of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for object and scene detection. For example: Without any additional work you'll be able to run a search like #Portrait or #Mountain, to find all your Portrait images or images, in your image library, that include a Mountain.

Then you can batch edit whole collections of images at once.

Brandkit's photo library software features and workflows make organizing and tagging your images and photos a breeze.

auto tagging screenshot

Professional Image Library Software
with Multiple Sharing options

Move faster, Save time, Less interruption.

Once your images are organized with our image library software, share or distribute them in a multitude of ways.

No more file fetching.

Focus on important work, without interruption.

screen shot of Tourism NZ's Self Service Brand Portal

Video and Images go together,
like peas in a pod.

Working with video is now fast and easy.

Upload a video and we'll auto-generate a web-sized playable web preview, that you can preview and scrub through without having to download (a huge bandwidth consuming file) first.

Gain independence for your video. You'll no longer be reliant on uploading to Youtube or Vimeo.

And you can share, distribute and download video as easily as images.

Learn more about Video functionality.

Screen shot of a Video asset in NZ Story image library

Rights Management
Reduce inertia, with clearly defined Usage Rights

Let users know whether they can, and how they can, deploy your images with clearly defined and communicated, terms of use. Including copyright, attribution notices, expiry and release dates, versioning, contract attachments, usage instructions, brand guidelines.

Show/hide image collections, allow download and/or sharing rights based on User Role.

A composite image of Vault access settings by Role and an Assetv detail page showing Licening requirements

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