Powerful Digital Asset Management (DAM)

The DAM: Industrial strength
Digital Asset Management software
A powerful back-end for your digital toolkit

What the Brandkit back-end or Admin interface look like

At it's core Brandkit® is an industrial stength Digital Asset Management Software, (also known as a "DAM"). It is where you'll save, store, create, curate, manage and tag your digtal assets. Brandkit® goes a step further that most DAM solutions and centralizes ALL your content, not just uploaded files, but also written posts, syndicated assets, and links to external or earned media. It provides file uploading, asset ingestion, auto-tagging, batch processing, image processing, post editor, external-link builder, and much more.

It powers your Search Page, Brand Portal, Downloads, Shares, File Transfers and Embeds.

The DAM is the foundation of your digital toolkit.

(1) Add your content

You can easily upload all your files, write posts or add links to external media, one or many files at a time. Brandkit® supports all the standard files formats for brand and marketing assets including photos and image, videos, artwork and graphic files, presentations, Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Cloud native application files. We have a built in post editor for creating written posts, and a unique visual link creator. In addition we have the ability to receive Assets syndicated from partner's Brandkit accounts and native integration to Google Drive, with other native integrations coming.

(2) Classify and Tag

Content assets are created as drafts. Next step is to classify and tag assets, by editing Asset metadata and tags either one asset at a time or in batches. Our AI powered auto-tagging will lend a hand by automatically adding tags to images, based on what the AI observes in the image. Check the Vault, and move if needed to ensure the right users have access.

(3) Approve to Publish

Once you're happy, click Approve to publish your new Asset(s) to your Brand Portal for folks to access based on their User Role. You may want to check that the right Users can see the new Assets in your Brand Portal, with the new Masquerading tool. Then you could announce the new Assets by selecting and sharing them with the Share tools.

Digital Brand Marketing
and the importantance of DAM software

Brand marketing today is in reality mostly digital brand marketing.

That is, most brand communications (marketing) is now conducted on digital channels. This means there is an ongong apetite for good, on-brand digital content. DAM Software is therefore now one of the most important Brand Management Tools, in the modern marketing software stack.

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