Self-serve Brand Portal
A customizable front-end for your digital tookit

Distribute your brand content safely at scale, via a fully customisable Brand Portal. Self-service and available 24/7. Invite both internal and external users, and accelerate your story telling exponentially.

You get a truly customisable front-end for your digital toolkit. Powered by Brandkit's built-in Digital Asset Management(DAM) and Content Management(CMS) software plus powerful configuration options, allowing you to customise branding, fonts, layouts, navigation, look and feel, site copy, language, the search experience, and more.

This is what a customised Brandkit Brand Portal can look like

Each Brandkit™ has a self-service Brand Portal (aka Media Hub / Digital Toolkit) powered by the built in DAM and CMS. Self-service access, with role-based permissions, means your users get to the right content, securely with, no delays and less work for the Marketing team, 24x7.

Private or Public Portal
& self-serve registration or by invitation only

One of the options is to make your digital toolkit Private to your team and invited users, or Public with self-service signup. This is just one of a myriad of options. And while powerful and flexible, some customers prefer less work, so Brandkit offers a full custom design service, to get you up and running as fast as possible, with the fastest implementation in the industry.



Example of a private Portal for YoColorado.


Example of a public Portal for Tourism New Zealand.

(1) Setup your Portal

The Brandkit team generally configures your Brand Portal for you. But you can do it yourself in the Admin area of your account. Customers on Pro and Enterprise plans can add pages and customise the branding, layouts and design theme of their Brand Portal. Or just edit/tweak/adjust what the Brandkit Team set up for you initially.

(2) Invite Users

Invite users to your account to self-register; or if you prefer, keep things locked down and send out personal invites.

(3) Users self-serve

Once a user has registered (or been invited) and validates, they can login, search, discover and either download or request, depending on their user role, and your access preferences.

Next up: An industrial strength back-end DAM.

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