Keep everyone on brand
with automatic Brand Guidelines attachment

Keep everyone on brand with searchable, accessible, downloadable, Brand Guidelines PLUS automagic attachment whenever you download, ensuring worry free brand compliance, so you can share your brand assets with confidence.

Screenshot of atomized brand guidelines automatically added to a logo download in Brandkit

How it works

(1) Upload your Brand Guidelines

Upload your Brand Guidelines document (typically a multipage PDF), or the new style atomized Brand Guidelines, where each Rule (e.g. Clear-space) is an independent searchable Asset.

(2) Attach to Brand Assets

The next step is to attach your Brand Guidelines Asset(s) to your Brand Assets (e.g. your Logos) using Brandkit's Attachment feature.

(3) Automagically attached to downloads

Once attached the Brand Guidelines will be automatically included in any downloads or shares of those Assets.

Moving on from the Monolithic Document

Traditionally Brand Guidelines are a monolithic document with multiple pages and an index.

They are often created by your Design Agency in Adobe’s InDesign at great expense. A change or tweak requires editing the document and reissuing the entire thing.

Designers love them (for the work they bring), while users often resist consulting them.

That is so last century.

In the digital era, there is an opportunity to improve the user experience, and save money.

The answer - is to atomise Brand Guidelines into smaller searchable components.

Brandkit® is taking up the challenge.

We’ve redesigned our brand management feature to use Attachments.

Now you can now choose your preferred approach. Either a traditional monolithic document, or independent atomised brand guidelines. Both are now supported.

Going forward, we’re encouraging customers to adopt an atomised approach.

Next up: Attachments

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