Feature: Multi-faceted Search

Multi faceted search is an important feature in Brandkit.

It allows users to combine several search terms and filters in a single search to refine the results.

You can combine normal tags with asset type and orientation to get a short list of the best results.

An example: People, Image, Portrait

There are numerous combinations possible

Another example: People, Outdoors, Image or Video


Feature: Multi-faceted Search

Search via combination tags, filters, meta-data fields with as-you-type automatic suggestions, so you can easily find what you want.

Asset type post
ID 714
Word count 67 words


Licence Worldwide Paid and Unpaid Available to anyone for royalty free use in paid and unpaid media worldwide, provided Brandkit benefits from such use, with attribution required to the named Credit, when a Credit is provided.
Expiry No expiry date


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