Where can I find Pending Requests?

By Team Brandkit 1st January 2019

A customer asks:

Can you please tell me where I can find the asset requests and pending requests in the new Admin?

You can find Pending Requests in Admin, under the To Do section in the left Nav.

  1. In Admin, click ToDo
  2. Click Pending Requests in the sub menu to see a lkist of Pending Requests (requests that need answering).
BK2 Help Find Pending Requests Screenshot 1 Mar 2023@2x

Selecting Requests in the To Do menu in Admin links to the Pending Requests page, where all Pending Requests are listed.

Pending Requests page

You can then view and process individual Requests (Asset Requests and Exemption Requests) or simply Delete them without taking any action.

Viewing an individual Request

What about Requests already processed (no longer Pending)? You can find processed Requests from the Admin > Users ? Manage Requests link.

In Admin click the Users icon to display the Users sub menu. Click the Manage Requests link to display all Requests (Pending and Historic).

Manage Requests page example

~ End ~

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How to: Where can I find Pending Requests?

We answer when a customers asks, “Can you please tell me where I can find the asset requests and pending requests in the new Admin? “

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